Pricing Information

Thailand ETCetera strives to offer a complete experience. From finding off-the-beaten path activities, to booking your hotels & transportation, most everything is covered in our itineraries.

Our tours are custom, so our pricing is custom. The price of your trip will depend on the activities you choose, how many cities you visit, what season you’re traveling, and a host of other things.

With the expectation of personal shopping, you will know the total cost of your trip before you leave home.

Wallet Light Philosophy

Some travel companies speak of a wallet-free experience, but we have a different philosophy. Part of the experience of traveling is getting to use local currency and engaging in commerce. We leave a few things unpaid so you can have this experience during your trip. We want you to know what it’s like to pay the attendant when taking the ferry across the river, for example.

Thai Tipping Culture

Tipping isn’t expected at restaurants and cafes as it is in the United States and other countries. A few of the more touristy venues might include gratuity in your bill, but otherwise there is no need to tip. Some Thais might leave behind the coins after they’ve paid their bill, but this is not required and no one will be upset if you leave nothing.

Many people also ask about tipping our guides and drivers. We offer generous compensation to our guides and partners, and no tip is expected by our team or service providers.

If you would like to bring a small gift from your country (sweets, for example) to share with your guide or a homestay host, these are always appreciated, but not required.

Currency Conversion

The best way to get Thai baht is from an ATM. You can bring a few dollars, Euro, or other major world currency, but ATMs are more convenient.

To help you have an idea of costs here, meals start around 40 baht (from push-cart vendors) to 100 baht (from a local Thai restaurant). Western-style venues or upscale restaurants will be more expensive, starting around 300 baht. For souvenirs, you could buy simple keychains and the like for 100+ baht or spend thousands on handcrafted furniture.

Otherwise, your experience should be wallet light as the Thailand ETCetera team has taken care of most everything for you!