Terms of Service

Thailand ETCetera being the custom travel company we are, it’s hard to make strong rules about our service. Everyone’s holiday is different so their bookings, payments and other details will also be different. Below is standard stuff.

Please read carefully as these terms set our respective rights and obligations. Once you begin your tour or pay your invoice (which ever comes first), you accept these terms and conditions.

Bookings & Payments

All bookings will be confirmed by email.

Payments vary widely. In most instances it’s more convenient for everyone if you, the customer, pay for the services directly. This will mean we will book the taxis, but you will pay them once you arrive at your destination. Or in the case of hotels, we will reserve your rooms, but you will pay either online if the hotel has such an option, or in cash when you arrive. In some instances like bus or train tickets, we will need you to send payment to Thailand ETCetera so we can purchase the tickets for you. Most ground transportation services in Thailand do not have online payment methods. Whatever the case, your trip advisor will send you the details via email.

Cancellations & Refunds

Most things in Thailand can be canceled with a full refund if enough time is given. Since most payments will be made directly to the service providers, you will need to consult those providers’ terms should you wish to cancel any of those services.

For Thailand ETCetera fees, the following applies:

Itinerary fees are non-refundable. Our trip advisers will have spent many hours planning your custom itinerary and we feel it’s fair to compensate that time.

Guide fees are refundable. If you contact us 28 days or more before your tour is to begin, we will refund 100% of any monies paid. If you contact us 14 days before, we will refund 50% of any monies paid. If your trip is scheduled to start within two weeks Thailand ETCetera will not provide any refund.

Changes by Thailand ETCetera

Cancellation by Thailand ETCetera may be necessary in exceptional circumstances. These would include: hostilities, political unrest or other extreme circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event of such circumstances we reserves the right to cancel our tour services and in this event will offer you a full and prompt refund of all guide fees paid.


There is no travel, medical or any other insurance included in our services. We do not require our guests to purchase insurance, but we strongly encourage you to consider it. In either event we take no responsibility for any injuries or loss incurred while you are taking part in any activities arranged by Thailand ETCetera.

While we will advise you along the way, we accept no responsibility for the theft, loss, or damage to personal belongings during your tour.

Your obligations and responsibilities

It is your responsibility to have all necessary visas, passports, permits, and certificates required for your selected itinerary as well as any necessary vaccinations and to comply with all applicable laws. But don’t worry, your trip adviser will discuss this with you.

Thailand requires foreign guests to have six months of passport validity when visiting. You can check other requirements for your country at the Thailand immigration website.

You must inform us by email of any medical condition (such as food alergies) that may require attention or medication before your tour commences.

During your tour, your tour guide may take photographs or video of  you and/or your group and these may be used in our marketing or advertising and publicity material without obtaining any further consent in respect of such photographs and/or video.

Weather Conditions

Thailand ETCetera can not be held responsible for weather conditions. Should attractions or events be canceled due to weather, we will try to find alternative options, but refunds for those events may not be available and tickets are not typically transferable.

Please realize this is just legal stuff we have to cover. The weather in Thailand is pretty standard. The rainy season is rainy, the hot season is hot. People are used to this and it’s not often that something would suddenly close due to weather. You’ll get information from your trip advisor on what to wear and what to bring to make your holiday more pleasant.

No Smoking Policy

We do not permit smoking in any vehicle during our tours.

It is also requested that smokers walk an appropriate distance from the group if they must smoke … and if you’re a smoker, that distance is farther than you think. Go a little further.